Blooming village forest reproduction masterpiece war of Kasugayama Park "Lilium Makinoi" starts!

It was checked that "Lilium Makinoi" which became rarity class in Kasugayama Park blessed with natural condition grew wild in garden.

Therefore, also, we start blooming village forest reproduction masterpiece round of "Lilium Makinoi" for the purpose of bringing up ring of person concerned with them that "all die and cooperate with all of forest" of child, otsu environment forum "village forest project", and to do Kasugayama park with thing more attractive as village forest park.


All die on 2017.2.8 Wednesday and inspect "Lilium Makinoi" cultivation in forest of child

Lilium Makinoi 1-1

*All die; forest Kawase curator, supporter of child

*Village forest maintenance project Tomita, Nikaido, Iwai

*Association Nakano

Lilium Makinoi 1-2










We sow bags of kind

We mix in vermiculite which moistened seed which we gathered in Kasugayama Park in November in October and leave unattended in dark place for one year

Lilium Makinoi 1-31-3


2017.3.10 Friday Kasugayama park field inspection, discussion

*All die; forest Kawase curator, Tashiro, Nishikawa of child

*Village forest maintenance project Yutaka Tomita, Hitoshi Yamamoto, Akihiro Iwai, Aiko Nikaido, Kyoko Sugawara, Osamu Kondo

*Association, west district community Fujiki store, Nakano, Kitaura, Ashida

It is discourse about upbringing of Lilium Makinoi

Promoters whom we die, and everybody is eager in with Nishikawa, Tashiro, Kawase of forest member activity leader of child

Lilium Makinoi 1Lilium Makinoi 2


  It is members of * kuotsu environment forum village forest maintenance project in discourse eagerly

Lilium Makinoi 3Lilium Makinoi 4


Explanation of existence place of Lilium Makinoi

     Local guidance of naturalist Iwai of otsu environment forum village forest maintenance project

5 Lilium Makinoi

Lilium Makinoi flowered on the mall log stairs side. We carry out exchange of opinions about right or wrong of transplant

6 Lilium Makinoi


Place where small gregariousness of Lilium Makinoi is seen in

It is necessary to watch carefully. All died and "they sowed bags" and told o from member of forest of child. It is valuable warren where saishu did the kind. Two stems were left.

7 Lilium Makinoi