Staff blog

Staff blog

We held Kasugayama Park nature observation party♪
Friday, July 13, 2018

Saturday, June 30 Kasugayama park nature observation society

It was slightly hot and humid day when rain stopped.

We touched nature of village forest and became pleasant walk.

Is slightly toilsome for participant with small child; is taken a walk, and is sorry.








Bald head (7/13 update)
Friday, July 13, 2018



Of petunia pruned.


[before pruning]

Before 713


[after the pruning]

After 713

The Star Festival (6/29 update)
Friday, June 29, 2018


We displayed in front of office.

As there is preparation for strip of paper, please call out casually.


The DSCN5774 - small




We appeared unexpectedly (6/21 update)
Thursday, June 21, 2018


From planter of bitter gourd

It is en unexpectedly




It is the inside unexpectedly




We improve unexpectedly


Bitter gourd crane appeared! (6/19 update)
Tuesday, June 19, 2018


We shake with strong wind.


Inked bitter gourd 0619_LI