Let's sense nature bodily by nature game! It recruits participants!

In spring Kinugawa Park, we play nature game, and let's take in nature♡

Flyer is this

With nature game…  Natural experience-based activity to catch nature for sense, and to take in fun and marvel of nature

Association of Shiga sharing nature

1.Date and time Sunday, March 25 from 13:00 to 15:00

2.Place Kinugawa Park (1, Kinugawa, Otsu-shi)

3.With none of the objects (less than third grader, please be accompanied by protector)

4.20 capacity

5.Entrance fee 200 yen/ (we include premium)

6.Mr. lecturer Yoshio Tsujita (association of Shiga sharing nature representative)

7.Clothes that clothes are easy to be active

8.Belonging drink, towel

9.Application    In one of telephone, FAX, the emails, apply at the following.

(public interest incorporated foundation) Association of association of Otsu-shi greenery, (no company) Shiga landscape gardening west district community

Telephone 077-527-8806 FAX 077-527-5528

Email kenei@athena.ocm.ne.jp

HP http://shigakoen .com