Let's go to park! Let's do ashingu in PARK YOGA ♪ *Recruitment of Kinugawa Park * participants♡

Do you not experience PARK yoga in natural full Kinugawa Park of the beautiful lakefront?

In conformity with principle of heart of yoga, it is yoga to perform while being very simple, and being connected to the earth directly comfortably. We adopt factor of ashingu which can remove unnecessary static electricity, and, in true nature, does anyone not experience calm yoga that it is possible for on flow of own breathing?

[heart of yoga]

It is leader of leaders, great yoga master called father of modern yoga, approach of traditional grouper yoga based on teaching of kurishunamacharia. It does not breathe to pose, and it is large principle for own breathing to do pose in total. Breathing leads movement of all bodies and wraps up. Oneself doing the inside of pose that is pose not "form" that saw pose from the outside values "what do you feel?" most. yoga only for oneself who is not other whom is created by doing so.


We are not known still more in Japan, but are one of the popular hygiene in Europe and America. Neutralization (cancellation) can do plus electron which receives negative electron energy through releasing static electricity that accumulated to body by standing in the ground barefoot for around 30 minutes (we walk) on the earth and the ground, and collects to body every day.

PARK YOGA flyer is this

1.The date

Sunday, May 27, 2018 [rain out]


From 10:00 to 12:00 (9:45 acceptance)


Lakefront green tract of land Kinugawa Park under prefectural management


As for anyone.

One where is lower than primary schoolchild, please participate by protector companion.

In addition, mom with baby is participation OK.


30 first arrival (30 sets)

6.Entrance fee

200 yen/ (group)


Heart of yoga authorization lecturer happiness Kaori profile is this


yoga mat or bath towel

Handkerchief towel



Mobile clothes

Long sleeves, pants, hat, sunglasses, please wear one becoming positive zashiga mind.

10. Application method

The prior application pivot. Apply on the telephone.

11. The application deadline

We close as soon as it becomes capacity.

12. Application, reference

(public interest incorporated foundation) Association of association of Otsu-shi greenery, (no company) Shiga landscape gardening west district community

4-1-1, Hamaotsu, Otsu-shi

TEL 077-527-8806

FAX 077-527-8828

e-mail kenei@athena.ocn.ne.jp