About playground equipment moratorium on Obanagawa Park, lakefront green tract of land Kinugawa Park measures

By check that performed in April, 2017 "Tsukiyama" of Obanagawa Park "wooden playground equipment,"                                          Because malfunction occurred in a part of the wooden playground equipment of Kinugawa Park, we take ban on use measures.

We deal quickly to have you use by all of you safely.

In various places of user having you always use our park because prospect of repair is not made at present,

We cause great trouble.

I'm very sorry.

In addition, we hope that it does not approach near by during the ban on use because it is dangerous.


Obanagawa Park "Tsukiyama"


Obanagawa Park "wooden playground equipment"


Lakefront green tract of land Kinugawa Park "woodenness composition playground equipment"